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Greek, Gold stater of Cyrene, North Africa, c.322-308 BC (source). On the obverse is Nike driving a quadringa, and on the reverse is Zeus Ammon

Greek, Dekadrachm of Syracuse, c.470-465 BC . On one side is the head of Arethusa surrounded by dolphins, on the other a charioteer driving a quadriga with Nike flying above and a lion below.

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Gold Ancient Greek coin depicting Zeus wearing a laurel wreath, 360 BC

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1,700-Year-Old Roman Mosaic Discovered During City Sewer Construction Project

A massive, well-preserved 1,700 year-old Roman mosaic was recently unearthed while performing city sewer construction.

Gold coin, Greek, minted in Panticapaeum, Crimea, Ukraine. (obverse) Head of Pan. (reverse) Horned griffin with lion’s head, holding lance in mouth; below, ear of barley. 369 - 359 BC

Western Iranian Electrum Beaker with Raptors 14th-13th c. BC

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Ancient Greece Dress - Olive

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Roman Gold Stater issued by Brutus, mid-1st century BC from Koson, Thrace.