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Witnesses Saw Angels Pull People Out of a Horrific Car Crash | http://gracevine.christiantoday.com/video/witnesses-saw-angels-pull-people-out-of-a-horrific-car-crash-3652

Angels save two people from burning car crash.Another miracle performed by our awesome God!

Use a nanny cam. This is heart breaking. The website registry of abusive nanny's has been taken down though.

Giving you the power to put those nagging suspicions to rest.

Child Gives the Greatest Honor Possible To a Soldier

Child Gives the Greatest Honor Possible To a Soldier

boy turns found fortune into an act of kindness for Ohio National Guardsman : CBS Sunday Morning --- ❤ grab the tissues first.

Yes, I'm a Christian

Sweet Paprika Chicken

Billy Graham's Final Message To America! | http://gracevine.christiantoday.com/video/billy-grahams-final-message-to-america-3667

Billy Graham delivers a powerful gospel message to America about the Cross. This is truly a beautiful gospel message and timely for the end time harvest prior to the Tribulation. I never get tired of hearing Christ's sacrifice for all mankind.

One of my greatest joys is Christian discipleship. I get excited every opportunity I have t...

A Breakdown of Psalm 23 for Parents - Rhonda Smith: Parenting - News from a faith-based perspective

Finding Renewal in Christ - Purposeful Faith

When Forgiving Yourself is Hard (Linkup) - Purposeful Faith

I know you're out there...!

A lot of the times we feel that many things that can attribute to stress and constant worrying are out of our control. The truth of the matter is that a lot of it IS under our control.

Pastoring People Prophetically

This is a clip from Graham Cooke's new 3 disc set "Pastoring People Prophetically". Recorded at the recent event at Global Awakening, Graham speaks about the.


Is your trust in the money you have or in the God you serve? The number one danger of managing money is disregarding God's lordship and doubting His ability to provide for you.