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    The Disaster of the White Ship In 1120 Matilda's elder brother William Adelin and heir to the English throne died returning from Normandy when his ship, called the White Ship, hit rocks and sank. As Henry I had no other children, Matilda was declared heir to the English throne. Henry made the Barons swear allegiance to Matilda and made them swear that they should crown her as Queen upon his death. One of these barons was Stephen of Blois, Henry's nephew.

    • Octavia Randolph

      Sinking of the White ship brought Civil war to England between Maud,daughter of the king and Stephen, the Kings cousin | A journey through Medieval Life

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      On this day, 891 years ago, the White Ship sank off Barfleur in the Channel, drowning 300 people, among them William Aetheling, heir of Henry I and many Norman nobles, leaving Henry's daughter the Empress Matilda as his only legitimate child. The result was the bitter civil war known as the Anarchy (1139 - 1154).

    • Ashlie Jensen

      In 1120, the English line of succession was dramatically changed. Three hundred passengers boarded the White Ship, including the only legitimate male heir to the throne. His cousin, Stephen intended to board the same ship but changed his mind at the last minute.The ship was wrecked, and everyone perished.

    • Rebecca Pattison

      In 1120, the English political landscape changed dramatically. Three hundred passengers embarked on the White Ship to travel from Barfleur in Normandy to England, including the heir to the throne, William Adelin, and many other senior nobles. Stephen had intended to sail on the same ship but changed his mind at the last moment and got off to await another vessel

    • Chris Belben

      The White Ship sinking in the English Channel near the Normandy coast off Barfleur, on 25 November 1120. Those who drowned included William Adelin, the only surviving legitimate son and heir of King Henry I of England.

    • Helena Maloshenko

      The Sinking of the White Ship and the catalyst of the followed succession war played out between King Stephen and his cousin Empress Matilda.

    • Katrina Bowen

      It was perhaps the worst maritime disaster of the Middle Ages, not just because it cost 300 lives, but because one of them was the heir to the Anglo-Norman Empire. One scholar has a theory that the sinking of the White Ship on the night of November 25, 1120 was not a tragic accident, rather a case of mass murder.

    • Karloff B

      Sinking of the White ship brought Civil war to England between Maud,daughter of the king and Stephen, the Kings cousin

    • Linda Jenkins

      The White Ship disaster occurred in the 1120. Everyone on board died when the ship, which was carrying many senior members of the nobility, sank in a storm in the English Channel. It changed the course of English history, because among the dead was William, the son and heir of Henry I. With William gone, Henry's only living legitimate child was his daughter, the Empress Matilda. He made his nobles swear allegiance to her before he died, but after his death (1135) many broke their word and put Matilda's cousin, Stephen, on the throne instead. It is rumoured that the ship sank partly because the crew were all drunk, and didn't have the sense to stay safely in port during a storm.

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