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    The Disaster of the White Ship In 1120 Matilda's elder brother William Adelin and heir to the English throne died returning from Normandy when his ship, called the White Ship, hit rocks and sank. As Henry I had no other children, Matilda was declared heir to the English throne. Henry made the Barons swear allegiance to Matilda and made them swear that they should crown her as Queen upon his death. One of these barons was Stephen of Blois, Henry's nephew.

    King Stephen (1135-1154). House of Blois. 1st cousin 25 times removed to Queen Elizabeth II. Reign: 18 yrs, 10 mos, 3 days. Succeeded by 2nd cousin Henry II. Grandson of William the Conqueror; elected king in 1135. Previously recognized Henry I's daughter Matilda as heiress to the throne. Matilda landed in England in 1139, civil war with fighting between Stephen and forces loyal to Matilda. Stephen recognized Matilda's son, Henry, as his own heir in 1153.

    Matilda, the uncrowned Queen of England and mother of Henry II

    Kings & Queens of England

    Elizabeth Woodville (also spelled Wydeville or Widvile; c. 1437[1] – 8 June 1492) was Queen consort of England as the spouse of King Edward IV from 1464 until his death in 1483. Elizabeth was a key figure in the series of dynastic civil wars known as the Wars of the Roses. Her first husband, Sir John Grey of Groby was killed at the Second Battle of St Albans. Her children included the Princes in the Tower and Elizabeth of York; the latter made her the maternal grandmother of Henry VIII.

    King John Magna Carta | King John of England being forced to sign the Magna Carta in the year 1215

    The Children of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Henry was the first Plantagenet king.

    Empress Matilda of England. For a brief time Matilda was the first female ruler of the Kingdom of England, even though she was never crowned. Her failure to secure that rule meant that her temporary and disputed period of reign in 1141 was extremely brief. She is often excluded from lists of English monarchs, listing Stephen of Blois as monarch from 1135-1154. Ancestor

    Stephen (reigned 1135-1154), often referred to as Stephen of Blois, was a grandson of William the Conqueror. He was King of England from 1135 to his death, and also the Count of Boulogne in right of his wife. Stephen's reign was marked by the Anarchy, a civil war with his cousin and rival, the Empress Matilda. He was succeeded by Matilda's son, Henry II, the first of the Angevin kings.

    Robert Curthose (1054 - 1134). Eldest son of William I and Matilda of Flanders. Robert and his father did not get along leading William to want to disinherit Robert. He gave Robert the Duchy of Normandy and gave England to his second son, William Rufus. Robert launched a failed rebellion against his brother in 1088. When William II died his younger brother Henry I seized the throne, and Robert tried to invade again in 1101. In 1106 Henry took over Normandy from Robert.

    Katherine Swynford: Katherine became the third wife of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and their descendants were the Beaufort family, which played a major role in the Wars of the Roses. Henry VII, who became King of England in 1485, derived his claim to the throne from his mother Lady Margaret Beaufort, who was a great-granddaughter of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford.

    John "Lackland" King of England, Plantagenet, brother of Richard the Lionheart

    Henry I Beauclerc (c. 1068/1069 – 1 December 1135) was the fourth son of King William I the Conqueror of England and Matila of Flanders. He succeeded his elder brother William II as King of England in 1100 and defeated his eldest brother, Robert Curthose, to become Duke of Normandy in 1106 ... 26th GGF. Ancestor

    Geoffrey of Anjou (a region in the Loire Valley in #France) is the founder of the Plantagenet dynasty. He married the Empress Matilda, and their eldest son became Henry II of England upon the death of his uncle, King Stephen. One of the French and English links...

    KING RICHARD I THE LIONHEART 1189-1199 son of Henry II "Curtmantel" & Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine Capet. Rebelled against his father twice before becoming King. Richard had a reputation as a warrior known as Richard ‘The Lion Heart’. After 3 successful crusades he was captured by the Duke of Austria. Upon release he returned to England where his brother John Lackland was ruling in his stead. Killed at war in France.

    Map of Tudor England

    Mary, Queen of Scots, 1542-1587 Death Mask

    Matilda of Scotland, the wife of King Henry I

    King Stephan c.1097-1154 r.1135-1154 - last Norman king of England after ousting the legitimate heir, Matilda, the daughter of Henry I. He was succeeded by Henry II, the son of Matilda and Geoffrey Plantagenet.

    Richard II of England and Isabella, aged 6, on their wedding day on 31 October 1396. Her youngest sister Catherine would also become Queen of England, as the wife of Henry V, from 1420-1422.

    The Marriage of Catherine of Valois and Henry V of England in 1420. This blog has many amazing Medieval and Renaissance portraits -- well worth the look!