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Declining memory and dementia are not a normal part of aging. There are many things you can do now to prevent or reverse inflammation of the brain! Twelve Tips for a Healthy Brain: How you can Prevent Dementia.

What Really Helps Your Brain? #Neuroscience (Happy to pin for other sites, but you should also check out my page: )

Boost Your Brain and Alzheimer's Prevention with These Powerful Super Foods - The AD Plan - Healthy Diets and Nutrition for Improved Memory


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At any moment, anyone can start to make changes in his or her diet that benefit health, boost memory, and improve the ability to fight Alzheimer's disease. Learn other ways to protect against Alzheimer's and take a free Alzheimer's Risk Assessment at:

Share this pix with those who have family or friends affected by Alzheimers or dementia. This information is also ideal for caregivers who may not have had training on how to communicate more effectively with those suffering from Alzheimers or dementia.

Is Alzheimer's Disease actually Type 3 Diabetes? Most people know that a diet high in carbohydrates indicates a relationship to serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. What we haven't always known is the serious affect sugar has on our brain health.


Why Art Therapy is Good for the Alzheimer's Brain

The Science Behind Art Therapy and Alzheimer’s: Why Art Therapy is Good for the Brain

Big Thinkfrom Big Think

We Need to Teach Kids Creative Thinking, and We’re Teaching Them the Opposite

Teach kids to think big with confidence

6 steps to protect your brain, prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease entirely and slow down, or even reverse, the deterioration of aging.


Can coconut oil treat Alzheimer’s disease? An honest look at the evidence

Many experts claim coconut oil can prevent and even treat forms of dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. But what does the research actually tell us? An honest look at the evidence.

dissolvable fabric- textile artist Anne Griffiths has used brain scans, particularly focusing on the disease dimentia as inspiration for her work. Here, she has used dissolvable to create a lace-like effect.

Minds continue to be stolen by Alzheimer’s disease at an alarming rate, and many of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease are either not well known the general public — or not yet fully understood.