Easy to do Halloween decorations: Drop in a glow stick & waah-la, perfect!! Easy for the porch and they won't go bad like pumpkins...SCORE

Do you have any neat ideas for Halloween decorations? How about these DIY Halloween wine bottles! www.laurasleanbeef.com

Stick in a glow stick and hide it in the bushes. Scary Eyes!! So cute.

Wine Bottle Crafts Projects - I don't even like candy corn, but this was too cool...

Holiday wine bottle lights

Funny and easy!

Wine bottle Halloween decor

Spell Candles - fun Halloween decoration made from recycled bottles and glitter paint. Super cute candle centerpiece!


Marshmallow Ghosts - an easy craft and party favor for Halloween!

place to buy Glass Milk Bottle | 5.5" - perfect for dressing up w/vinyl. just look how cute these ones are!

DIY Upcycled Wine Bottle Candy Corn luminaries

DIY Halloween Wine Bottles!

Glow Jars

Glow stick inside balloon ghost.

HALLOWEEN TRICK- 1: Take old toilet paper rolls and cut eyes in them 2: Place glow sticks in them 3: place in random bushes at night 4: watch

Halloween Decor Tip: Line the walkway to your home with these ghostly lanterns. Draw the faces on with a sharpie, fill them with water, drop in a glowstick.

Glow in the dark balloons. With glow sticks inside.

DIY Wine Bottle Pumpkins - Recycle Your Alcoholic Beverages to Make Ghostly Halloween Decorations (GALLERY)

Easy Halloween Crafts halloween

Glow-in-the-Dark Front Steps - 5 Halloween Party Décor Ideas for Adults