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If your child has a speech or language delay, their speech therapist may suggest several strategies to help them with communication. For us, and for many, the most useful strategy has been PECS. But what are PECS and how do you get started with them?

Practice that feels like play. Get the K12 app that teachers use. IXL’s free tablet app is here to make math and language arts practice fun and engaging for kids everywhere. Boasting all the functionality of the IXL website as well as a host of unique ta

Tips from a mom with a daughter on the Autism Spectrum. Great ideas for building muscle tone and ways to homeschool without using a pencil.

30 Sensory Strategies to Help Kids Pay Attention - Some children who experience difficulty with paying attention may need less sensory input because they become distracted or overwhelmed by certain sensory experiences. However, many children are better able to attend to and participate when tasks appeal to the senses. They need more sensory input to regulate themselves and stay focused.

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