Fidgets can help some kids with ADHD focus better. They're not "one size fits all," however. Different types of fidgets can meet different sensory needs. You can see which work best for your child, and then talk to the teacher about using them in class.

"She’s not throwing a fit to strong-arm you into giving her what she wants — it’s not a 'fit' at all. She is unraveling emotionally because she doesn’t have the skills to see that there’s more than one option. She can’t handle the frustration she feels when the thing she knows to be true isn’t." A truly eye-opening perspective.

Reading books — whether alone or with a parent — has a calming effect on children and may be especially helpful to kids with ADHD.

Special Needs Programs | These are some ideas on using objects and hands-on activities while helping ESL learners read. I like the exercise where kids find objects that fit a given descriptive word, which could be a good sensory activity for other special needs kids as well.

Social/ Emotional. Erikson. This also goes along with Eriksons 8 stages of development. The children learn what emotions are and that it's ok to feel them.

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