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دانلود فیلم کره ای نقاش عصبانی Angry Painter 2015 با لینک مستقیم و زیرنویس فارسیدانلود-فیلم-کره-ای-نقاش-عصبانی-angry-painter.html

Park Yoochun is back in "Three Days" Secret service agents have three days to find the President after he disappears during a vacation. Watch the exciting series trailer!

دانلود سریال کره ای منم مثل گلم Me Too Flower با لینک مستقیم و زیرنویس فارسیدانلود-سریال-کره-ای-منم-مثل-گلم-me-too-flower.html

He Who Can't Marry - This story is about a guy who is really anal retentive and arrogant and generally a big jerk but all the girls fall for him anyway. It's lame...but at least you can see the adorable Yoo Ah In.

[KBS] Korea Korean Drama DVD English Subtitle / Dream High 16 Episodes

REVIEW 2/5: "Mask" (kdrama 2015). This attempt at a noirish thriller misses the mark. The characters are unrealistic, the acting is (deliberately) stilted, the "romantic" relationships are often creepy, and the plot is convoluted, repetitive, and illogical. I've always liked Yun Jung Hoon and he's still kinda sexy as the villain here, but his character is such a dIckhead I couldn't even enjoy it. Spend twenty hours of your time on something better, like "Healer" reruns! ~ s.e.t.