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Another cute and funny sounding French quote that makes me laugh. Better not say this randomly to people. LOL Pin by:

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Less Anxiety {Day 7}

31 Days of Less & More--Day 7: Less Anxiety. Join this month long, life-changing challenge to fill your life with less heartache but more joy, less stress but more peace, and less stuff but more contentment.

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Quotes to Destress - Stress Quotes - Relaxation Sayings


HOJE eu recuso preocupar-me com as coisas que não posso controlar ou mudar!

Quote on anxiety: I will breathe. I will think of solutions, I will not let my worry control me. I will not let my stress level break me. I will simply breathe. And it will be okay. Because I don't quit. -Shayne McClendon.

I do what I can to control my life. I do what I can to make changes for the better in everything I feel is worth it. But once I realize I can't, I don't stress.

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21 Inspirational Quotes From Pinterest to Help You Get Over a Breakup

don't stress

Chunyi Lin· Hello my dear friends! There are good basic goals to use each year. Make your plans and take action on them: Maintain your health Exercise and keep a healthy weight Listen to your body and go to bed at a time to give you enough sleep Improve relationships with people Plan a vacation to relieve stress, even if only a few days Personal improvement with learning some new things With happy and healthy bodies we can enjoy our lives more!