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I think a lot, but I don't say much. – Anne Frank



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The Beauty

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anne frank

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You Re Young

Young You'Re

Look at you. You're young. You're scared. Why are you so scared? Stop being paralyzed. Stop swallowing your words. Stop caring about what other people think. Wear what you want. Say what you want. Listen to the music you want to listen to. Play it loud as fuck and dance to it. Go out for a drive at midnight and forget you have to work the next day. Stop waiting for Friday. Live now. Do it now. Take risks. Tell secrets. This life is yours.


It S Killing

Slowly Killing

Slowly Losing

I Love You And Its Killing Me

Losing Pat

Losing A Friend

That So

Doesn T Kill

This is mee...

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Heart Anne

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Don T

Dont Tell Me I Cant

Cant Argue

The O'Jays

The Great

Over The

Get Over It

The Very

so, so true.

Gorgeous Chaos

Beautiful Mess


Life'S Lovely

Gorgeous Gorgeous

Glorious Mess

Sounds Lovely

Sound Nice

Lovely Wife

sums me up pretty well haha

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Make It Happen

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make it happen

Courage Left

Heart Harden

Weakness Katherine

Katherine Henson

Soft Hearts

Highly Sensitive Person

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Wise Insparition

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness. I wish I could remember this more often instead of allowing my heart to harden in an effort to protect itself.

I M Ready

Ready To Love Again

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When Is It Time To Divorce


This Is Me

That S

I Love You So

This Man

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Ol Blue

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frank sinatra

Pieces Beautiful

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Beautiful Beautiful

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She would take her pieces and make them beautiful

Remember This

My Style

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I M Addicted

Completely Addicted

Addicted To Someone Quotes

Intense Relationships

So true... Trying to forget the person you love is like trying to remember someone you've never met.

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Bipolar Tattoo Ideas

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True that......

Strong Girls

Stay Strong

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Cry Broken

Strong Positive

Life Strong

Broken Bits


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Sometimes I Wonder

Do You Ever Wonder



I wonder...

Don T Save

I'Ll Save

I Want You

Need To

We Have

I Miss You

Independent Women



I wanted a life with you and tried to give you everything, because I want you to be their when I get my life together. quote life inspire

I M Going

Going Insane

Lets Go

Lets Run Away


Let S



That S

come with me