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He's a rat terrier - poodle mix. AKA a "ratapoo". ;) His fur is super-soft!

Naval Air Station mascot, 1943 | 40 Precious Dog Photos From The '40s

Red poodle puppy

Teacup Poodle Puppies dogs I will have one some day

Looks like our dog Charlie...smartest dog we have ever owned!

Maltese Poodle = Maltipoo cute animals sweet dog puppy pets poodle maltese maltipoo

DIY Flea Removal Mix one cup liquid dish soap, one cup white vinegar, and one quart of warm water . Transfer the mix into a squeeze bottle (like an old shampoo or Ketchup bottle). Shake before using. Wash your dog with mix as you normally would. Try to allow the mixture to sit for about five minutes before rinsing out.

yorkies | Yorkie Hair Styles | Yorkie Haircut Examples

poodle mix

poodle mix

Newest breed on my list! Tibetan terrier

Maltipoo ( Maltese and Miniature/Toy Poodle mix); Top 5 Most Cute Dog Breeds

boston terrier!


Boston Terrier

Bernedoodle...Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle... hypoallergenic and doesn't shed. Shut up.

Cody the Cockalier Poodle--he doesn't look real! A mixture of cocker spaniel, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, and minature poodle. Absolutely adorable:)

shih tzu yorkie mix | ... Shihpoo Puppies for Sale shih tzu toy poodle hybrid mix breed

Top 10 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds ~ The Pet's Planet. I would name this one Daavos.

The three musketeers :)

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier i shall keep him and i shall name him Abernathy Fisticuffs