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nagito komaeda i think i've found my newest wallpaper ^^

Nagito Komaeda as the Servant in Danganronpa Another Episode

Twitter, You Want To See

New wallpaper lel

New wallpaper lel

14680948_173223513126531_8489453907952390797_o.jpg (500×2751)

they kknow the love of ahoges

Chariot - Black Rock Shooter

Chariot - Black Rock Shooter

Aww. Kind of sad... But I still like Nalu better

Kind of sad. But I still like Nalu better. Lisanna go find Bixslow or someone

Fantasy - Dragon Wallpaper

Tiamat Eruption by Eddie Smith

If a nation has a curl, it's usually not a good idea to pull it…

If a nation has a curl, it's usually not a good idea to pull it…<< hey the censorship could mean he beat the living shit out of Denmark or he fucked him and now Denmark can't move!

Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 crossover  HD Wallpaper From Gallsource.com

armor ashen_one blonde_hair bloodborne dark_souls doll fire_keeper hat headdress lolita_fashion long_hair saberiii sword the_doll the_hunter weapon white_hair

Akatsuki no Yona

Resultado de imagem para akatsuki no yona hak soo won this trio "(