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Banned Books: The Nazis and the Catholic Church were and are not the only ones to ban books. Currently the State Board of Education bans several. Ray Bradbury's "Farenheit 451" is a tale of a society banning books. It and the books on this list are all worth reading. The ability to publish them is freedom of speech.

Les Miserables is Now On Demand Through August 28, 2013

Win a Les Miserables Prize Pack. The Package includes: Les Miserables scarf and Les Miserables movie soundtrack {RV $30}.

The Privilege of a Preview: October Baby

Great movie. Highly recommended for everyone, especially teens and parents of teens.

34 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

Couldn't put it down. The "back story" of women in the catholic religion & how christianity came to be was most interesting.

Consuming the Word & The Lamb's Supper (2 Book Set)

Reading this book right now and can't say enough good things about it! Must read Catholic book for women. $21.95