Alasdair vs. Altair, sword fighting lessons

Edmund and Reynold practicing with swords. "Give up, you know I'm the better swordsman." "Ah brother you underestimate me. Funny how much one can improve when given hundreds of hours to practice alone in the woods.

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Holiday Wish List Contest this image reminds me of several beads in the Trollbeads family.Snowball, Winter Snow, Snowflake earrings, Snow Star earrings just to name a few.

Green with Envy - DIY Halloween Makeup Trends

30+ DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas That Will Totally Impress Your Friends

Voglio solo essere libera.

Three Rivers Deep

romancelovelust: “There was a chance she would fall into the water. Although she would have liked better odds, those were good enough. She gathered her strength, wrapped herself in courage.and ran, full speed, towards the cliff.

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