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Harry Potter's new Book. Gilderoy LockHart wondering with Werewolves. Taylor Lautner aka Jacob Black.

What if this was just a philosophical sequel to "Wanderings with Werewolves"? "Wonderings with Werewolves, Thoughts on Life, Love and Lycanthropy.

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions!  It's all fun until you get to number 19... Then you'll spend ten solid minutes arguing with yourself.

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book by J. Rowling: Harry never knew who he was, until one day he got a letter telling him that he was a wizard. First book to an awesome series that lets you see how Harry grows into his role as a powerful wizard.


Don't Go Into The Twilight

Funny pictures about A little too late. Oh, and cool pics about A little too late. Also, A little too late.

What a cute story!

I Married Her Ronmione You know Hugo. said Ron. When I went to Hogwarts, there was this really little girl that I hated.

If your boyfriend dresses like this… He's probably a keeper!

Funny pictures about Definitely a keeper. Oh, and cool pics about Definitely a keeper. Also, Definitely a keeper.

Just like Harry's Mother. Malfoy"s Mother would give her life to save her son, and so would Ron's.  Love !

Never thought of that until now…

I have always missed y drace's mom saved Harry. She LIED TO HER MASTER TO SAVE HIM! I understand the mothers love part but. Anit she supposed to be a evil deatheater? Mabye she ships Darry (draco + Harry)

i had a friend who got mad at me once when i told her the books were better than the movies.  fast forward 5 years, and i learn she never read the books in the first place, but was reading them now.  she has since told me that she's changed her mind and the books are a million times better.  read the books.  do it.

If you didn't READ "Harry Potter".(and only watched the movies) isn't it a crime not to read harry potter? i think i've read that somewhere ;

I wear your grandmas clothes, I look incredible. Harry potter Ha ha ha

Severus Snape * Thrift Shop - "I wear your grandma's clothes. I look incredible." too funny

Stupid dog

Marauders-although hypothetically, McGonagall knows everything the Marauders did, and so would know that it was Sirius Black<<Well, she honestly didn't know they were animagi.

Harry Potter Facts

"I just died mate, leave me alone!" - James Phelps (Fred Weasley) on reading the last HP book.