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from Popular Woodworking Magazine

Four Free Woodworking Tips from the Magazine

Need a quick and precise way to set the fence on your router table, mortiser, drill press table saw or band saw but don’t have those fancy set-up blocks? Yes, you do – your drill bits. Just choose the appropriate-size bit and use it as a spacer to set the fence. It also works for setting a precise distance on components of your projects

DIY Tip of the Day: Jacked-Up Outfeed Roller. To assemble an adjustable outfeed roller for your table saw and other power tools, drill holes in the base of a scissors jack and bolt it to a sturdy sawhorse. Bolt a bracketed roller (about $20 at woodworking stores) to the top of the jack. For faster adjustments, chuck a screw hook into a cordless drill (photo) and insert it in the jack’s drive hole.