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Homemade Toner for Acne Recipe 3/4 cup strong green tea 1/4 cup raw apple cider vinegar That’s it! Simply pour the green tea and apple cider vinegar into a glass bottle or jar with a lid. Use a cotton ball to apply your homemade toner after cleansing or as often as desired. Store this toner in the refrigerator–it should keep for about two weeks this way.

Yesterday's ipad... :-)

Oh My Freaking Stars!: I miss those days...

The good old days

Simon 80's | amazingelectronic...

Old toys from the 70's

80's..I rocked these..lol

Pogo ball - i love the 80's

Return to the 70-80's. This is what we had. Our kids have tiny iPods instead. Never could have imagined that!

#children #80's #1980's #kids #carebears #toys #vintage The Exact Bear I gave my Daughter. She still has it.

Ahhhhh........such great memories from listening to my albums back in the 70's and 80's....

I remember this! See & Say :)

80's toys | 80s 90s toys games 27 Relive your glory days with a trip down memory ...

Jeans of the 70's

I loved these...I can still remember the song!

80's plastic charm necklace!!


fisher price

Tinker Toys

Melody Push Chime

Vintage Wooly Willy Dapper Dan the Magnetic Man Toy

I totally remember this ring game - so fun!

Gumby and Pokey

flip flops from the 70's

Vintage 50s Toy Top // My grandma has one of these at her home for the kiddos to play with its amazing!