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and let me just add that even if your question isn't ALL THAT STUPID my answer may still be sarcastic Why? Because it's so freakin' fun to be me, that's why! Who am I you ask? Just some sarcastic bitch reading between the lines...on your face! Hahahahaha


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WEBSTA @ thosegucci - The interviewer asked: "we make mistakes in our life, give me an example of mistake you've made and how it gives you lesson."I took so long to think abt what to answer lol like bruh my life's dull I don't make mistakes that big to the extent that I remember it lol

Inspired by @rubyjamesphoto 💕💕 the colors are so vibrant on my phone lol I was so shocked 😂 btw for those asking for commissions I said before that I won't open them till July, so please be patient and don't get mad if I don't answer your DMs about it cos it says commissions closed in my bio 😂 pls reaaad #art #artist #drawing #draw #lighting #practice #semirealism #digitalart #painting #paint #shading #Sai

Shorter hair life is pretty awesome. I got asked how I do my hair for the night: Answer: I can't put it in a pineapple. I can barely put it in a ponytail lol so I wrap my hair with a scarf, tied in the back. I don't flip my hair over and tie it upside down. I just tie it like a bandana or a headband, I make sure all my hair is tucked in the scarf. Really hard to describe. Hope it makes sense. Rockefeller - "Montagraph? E.T. says: (I think you protest too much lol lol lol... You still haven't answered the question? Who is Senator Sheldon R. Songstad? And you don't like me bothering you? Oh well... Get over yourself lmao)"