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Sassolungo - I took this picture taken back in 2012 while I was on vacation in the Dolomites. Shooting although no flaw in good light, tells the holiday spent in those mountains and beautiful walks that you can do during the summer

New Day at the Dolomites - <a href=""></a> <a href="">Facebook</a>

Magic Kingdom - Followed by a puma (first, I thought it was a big cat) for five minutes, finally I was standing at the border of the fire mountains, looking at the gateway to hell or heaven all by myself.

switzerland - it was a active day yesterday -10 ours in the mountains, high in the sky, a beautiful walk and chillout. than, walk down more than 1000 meters through the streams, mud and rolling stones.i felt tired and incredibly happy

In The Mystic Mountains - What a night! Once again I found myself at the top of a mountain in the middle of the night with a bunch of crazy buggers! Al Parr, Hamish Stubbs and Benjamin Kohles joined me to hike up and get some shots shots of the Milky Way arcing over Queenstown, I had the plan of making it to the top of the peak on the far left of this shot but we ended up getting too distracted & cold shooting here haha It was some pretty intense weather while we were up there, the wind ...