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  • Katherine Qualls

    Abandoned Places- this would be a fun upcycle camp out tent/play house for a back yard!

  • Tim Shady

    Abandoned amusement park ride

  • Don Radhay

    creepy abandoned theme park!

  • Pamprelune

    The abandoned Takakanonuma Greenland theme park, in the city of Hobara, Japan. First opened in 1973, it closed soon after when several people died on it's rides. It reopened in 1986, improved, but unable to lure the crowds away from Japan’s host of parks, some 150 miles south, it closed for good in 1999. Today, it has been reclaimed by nature.

  • Alexis

    Artificial Owl: Abandoned amusement park: Takakanonuma Greenland, Hobara, Fukushima prefecture, Japan

  • Aunt Pitty Pat

    abandoned North Korean amusement park - part of the ferris wheel

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Though the Katoli World Park was forced to close, the rides – a dragon boat, merry-go-round and the teacups among them – existed for years afterward. So while it was impossible to ride them, it was possible to walk among them; to negotiate flourishing vegetation in search of the remarkable ruins.(Image: Abandoned But Not Forgotten)

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