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  • Boldface Writing career idea: Physical Therapist | You'll need to know your bones! | Anatomy Bones Skeleton Sketch with Words

  • Caralyn Stevens

    Interesting and educational. "THE BODY – Cool way to learn bones of human anatomy."

  • plantpowerz eugenie

    Anatomy: Educational skeleton art

  • Mili

    Labeled skeleton... this is neat, good way to remember the bones. | science | anatomy | biology

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This is awesome. Will look at this to learn with a visual advantage-Thanks to clever person that designed it!

every chakra relates to a particular body organ. imbalance in a chakra can eventually lead to imbalance in an organ. preventative medicine=clean and clear your chakras regularly and notice what is coming up.

SKELETAL ANATOMY by Amy Kwan An informational poster displaying the hierarchy and organizational relationships with typography. In this case, type serves as both image and information on the skeletal anatomy.--This is amazing. :)

Anna's K teacher at a homeschool co-op did this with her class and she loved it! Doing it with my boys soon. :-)

bone names - also bone volleyball game (do in wed group by using a balloon and having everyone use the called out bone to keep the balloon in the air) - so boy!

Posture Quiz Time: What are the "common" names for the following bones of the body? A. Tibia B. Humerus C. Clavicle D. Patella E. Vertebrae

If I could print this as a human sized poster!

Human Anatomy Felt Board I was going to make one out of construction paper, but this idea to use felt, is EVEN BETTER!!!! Lauren Davison Muskauski - this is better than Little Organ Annie!!!

He was starving for the attention that all the adorable rodents got, but being a skeleton in a 6th grade science class was not a glamorous feat. Jealousy emerged and he loathed to be like the rats.

I wanna be an xray tech when I grow up so I'll have to remember all this!