• Cie Cefeg

    "Eradicate the slander that says a Black youth with a book is acting White" 2004 Well put President Obama<3

  • Amanda Rodriguez

    eradicate slander

  • Kristen Day

    .i hate when people say "that person talks black" liikke explain to me how some can talk black. I didn't know black people had their own language. Please educate me

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I’m about to get all sorts of political. If you don’t like it, this is not the blog you’re looking for. Move along.

President Obama hopefully he will stop the Nixon like programs that hurt our Constitution.

The mother of the President of the United States of America.'s a hint...she was WHITE. You bunch of JackWagons!!!

President Obama Proof that behind every Great Man Stand a Strong Beautiful Woman!!

Tea Party Champion uses the N-word when speaking about President Obama and Blacks, called Jews Kikes and Latinos Wet Backs. He wants them all to go back where they came from. This is a true republican, racist bigot to the core. Ignorant scum voted into office because democrats couldn't take the time to vote.

President Barack Obama was given the Oath of Office by Chief Justice John G. Roberts on Sunday which officially started his 2nd term as President of the United States, but the public ceremony took place Monday, Jan 21, 2013.

What I love about Black & White photographs is that they're more like reading the book than seeing the movie

Never forget how lucky we are, and what is still so drastically wrong in this country and the world.

A Past Vice President Tried To Warn Us About This A Long, Long Time Ago

9/06/14 9:56p President Obama vs Zomney Click to enlarge to Read