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    This is crazy. Australia's Surreal Red Wave - Jan 9 2013 - brewing thunderstorm moved reddish colored sand and dust over the Indian Ocean. Brett Martin


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    by Cecil Whitt

    Sunset on the waves

    miami cloud tsunami


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    Rainbow waves

    The original pin said "the power of the ocean" I want to add to that. Amazing the strength of the light house

    Frozen Tsunami wave in Antarctica

    Natures fury. Berlin, Wisconsin on April 3, 1952 I met my first tornado and it killed eleven people in our little community including a classmate and his mother. K.W.

    Mount Everest is so tall that it interferes with the clouds that pass by. Here a lenticular cloud forms above its peak.

    Um.... RUN


    what happens when God flushes his toilet.


    A tornado in Bradshaw, Nebraska