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so cute...Pint-Size Pricklepuss. Photograph courtesy Cheryl Clarke-Hopcroft/UAF/CMarz - "Only a few millimeters across, this prickly creature is a larval spider crab. The numerous spines on its body deter predators from eating it, but they also help to create drag in the water to keep the crab from sinking."

from National Geographic News

13 Stunning Photos From 10-Year Sea Census

Baby slipper lobster. The larval stage of most crabs and lobsters look nothing like their adult stage!

From : National Geographic Images - Flying Fish -

From : National Geographic Images - Mantis Shrimp -

From : National Geographic Images - Pinecone Fish -

Blue crab megalop (larval form)

Seafloor-Skimming Jellyfish Photograph courtesy David Shale - "A potentially new species of deep-sea jellyfish tripped the light fantastic for researchers during their recent MAR-ECO expedition to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge."