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The Roman collar provides powerful witness: the Catholic priest is not "just one of the guys." In essence, he stands In Persona Christi and shares in Christ's one, true priesthood. He is changed ontologically and in essence upon ordination, and points to what is beyond this world. Priests are set apart, not because they are "better" than anyone else, but because God calls them to serve in this particular and specific way.

Leading by Example - Pope Francis Goes to Confession + + + In an amazing of act of leading by action, Pope Francis recently stunned parishioners and clergy by an unexpected act. After giving a sermon about the vital importance of the sacrament of confession, the Holy Father deviated from protocol and went to confession to an ordinary priest before taking his post as confessor. "Who can say he is not a sinner? Nobody. We all are.”

Good but difficult. However, that difficulty and that fear of failure and the unknown should never keep us from pursuing God with our entire being.