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*GERMAN POUTY TODDLER ~ 115, by: Kammer + Reinhardt, 15" T. Solid domed bisque socket head, composition + wooden balljointed toddler body w/side hip jointing. Marks: K*R S&H 115 38. Comments: Kammer & Reinhardt, "Phillip" from their art character series, c.1915.

*RARE GERMAN BIXQUE CHARACTER,549,W/ GLASS EYES, by: Kiley + Hahn: 12", Bixque socket head, blue glass sleep eyes, painted curly lashes, short feathered brows, accented nostrils + eye corners, closed mouth w/ accent line between the lips, brunette mohair wig, composition + wooden ball-jointed body, wearing antique costume. Marks: K 549 0 Germany, c. 1912.

*'BABY JEAN": German Bisque Toddler, 247, by: Kestner in Large Size. Bisque. Marks: P made in Germany 19 JDK 247 19. Comments: Kestner, c.1914.

German Bisque Art Character Boy,153,by Simon and Halbig,known as 17"- Antique costume comprising brown velvet jacket and short pants in the Little Lord Fauntleroy style with silk shirt,lavish antique collar,knit stockings and leather saddle shoes,and with faux-horn rim spectacles and wooden walking stick. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 153 S&H 7. Comments: Simon and Halbig,circa 1910

*RARE LARGE GERMAN BISQUE POUTING CHARACTER, 7246 ~ By: Gebruder Heubach, 26 ". MARKS: 7246 Germany Heubach (sunburst mark) 11. COMMENTS: Gebruder Heubach, c. 1915.

Soirée: A Marquis Cataloged Auction of Antique Dolls and Automata - May 14, 2016: Lot 141. American Carved Wooden Boy with Sculpted Hair and Original Norfolk Suit

Clothespin dolls made by the Schoenhut Company ca. 1936. These dolls had appropriate names: Hattie, Ty, Clo, Bobby and Baby (Pinn). This set cost $4.00 in 1936 - wonder what they are worth now?