Needle felted barn owl This is made to order item. The owl is about 15 cm tall and 20 cm long


hey, isn't this the Folker Owl puppet (the big one in the back) that Evie has?

Sleeping owlets

Sleeping owlets

Tawny Fish Owl

Tawny Fish Owl (Ketupa flavipes) by FleetingVisions. This is the scariest effing thing I have ever fricken seen! :S omg it makes me want to punch a baby

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Cinnamon Screech-Owl - Megascops petersoni 5 - San Vicente de Chucuri, E Andes absolutely STUNNING.

Pearl spotted owls are one of Southern Africa's smallest owls.

}{ Gorgeous Owl --I am watching by Onephotography by John de Jager (magicalnaturetour:) ~OWL!

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Some happy owls to put a smile on your face. Mestel Pumphrey Happy Owls and Grumpy Cats.

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Northern Saw-whet Owl / Petite nyctale - love it's big eyes 😄