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"Superhero Sight Words" will help you children acquire the skills they need to master the art of reading and give your child the ultimate learning experience Download the App From : Google Play : and iTunes:

Word Families Activities: Pianos (Bundle)

The ULTIMATE Printable Phonics Pack {2nd Edition}

The ULTIMATE Printable Phonics Pack {2nd edition!} Over 100 ready-to-use activities that practice Long and Short Vowels, R-Controlled vowels {ar/er/ir/ur}, and Vowel Teams {ai/ay, au/aw, ew/oo, ie/igh, ee/ea, ou/ow, and oi/oy}! $

Adding -er and -est SmartBoard Lesson for Primary Grades (.notebook file) Includes interactive pages, links to videos and printable materials for write the room in the attachment tab) **** FREE *****

Syllable Rules Activities and Worksheets

Kid-Friendly Syllable Rules ($) Fun practice of rules that can actually help kids break apart and decode long words, 20 practice activities and an anchor chart

Telling vs. Asking Sentences Pack

Asking vs. Telling sentences cut and pastes. Could use newspapers/magazines for upper grades/types of sentences.

Building Sight Word Fluency {Compatible With First Grade Journeys}