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Helleborus × hybridus Harvington picotee - Pretty, pendent or outward-facing, saucer-shaped, pink flowers from February to April and leathery, deep green leaves. This is an attractive variety which is perfect as a ground cover for areas of dappled shade under deciduous trees and shrubs. Like all hellebores, they prefer a heavy, neutral to alkaline soil.

Double-Flowered Hellebores Chase away the winter blues with this colorful mix of lavender, white, yellow, pink, red or green. The cup-shaped, nodding double and anemone blooms are stunning. And, the evergreen, glossy foliage provides a complementary backdrop. These are ideal for planting under trees, on the north side of buildings and in woodland areas.

Mixed Glads Bulb - Tender bulbs Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun Height/Habit: 3 - 4' Spread: 4 - 6" Spacing: 4 - 6" Hardiness Zone: 8 - 10 Foliage Type: Long strap-like leaves, medium green in color. Flower Form: One long whip-like stem which bears up to 23 florets. Flower Color: Mixed Flowering Date: Mid summer onwards Planting Requirements: Plant 6" deep and 4-6" apart. Avoid wind-swept areas. Could plant near a warm wall to extend hardiness.