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    Another stone carving from a contemporary Five Dynasties Ten Kingdoms period tomb.

    Song Dynasty Commander Armor

    Lokapala, Tang Dynasty, Mountain Armor on statue

    Kelly Chen, "An Empress and the Warriors", 2008

    Military of high ranking mandarin

    Ceremonial armors for a man and horse Steel, copper, gold, silk, leather, hair Chinese, Qing dynasty 18th century.

    A stone carving from Wang Chu Zhi's tomb, 924 AD. Notice that decorative wings began to appear on the Chinese helmet during this period.

    Italian Armour

    Italian armour for the field and tilt, backplate by THoog, via Flickr

    Knight's Armor Italy (likely Milan) ca. 1565

    Good, basic armor design for a pikeman (or woman, it's difficult to tell, which, really, it should be if the armor's done right) with some Mongolian and Chinese influences tossed in for fantastic variety. Given how little armor there is, it would seem this is a mounted pikeman, especially with the split skirt and wrapped boots.

    Swelarpers : Photo

    Ceremonial Armor Chinese, Qing dynasty, 18th century

    Yuan Dynasty. This Yuan military officer wears a hat that has been equipped with armor to protect the back of his head and neck. Other components of his armor include an elbow-length cape, a waist and hip panel, and leg protectors. His trousers are tucked into his boots. [Chinese Fashions (Dover Fashion Coloring Book) by Ming-Ju Sun.]

    Phoenix robe Liao dynasty (907-1125)

    Mountain armor on statue, Lokapala, Tang dynasty


    Chinese artist Qin Bailan. "Fan Lihua was ancient Chinese heroine and wife of the Tang Dynasty general Xue Dingshan. She was very beautiful and talented. She also excelled in military skills. She completely broke the character and spirit of the enemy‘s troops and was known far and wide for her military prowess."