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    I bet I could get through all of these before Season Three! #Sherlock<---repinning for that comment!!!

    Just Sherlock being Sherlock… so, confession, i only just watched the first Sherlock (which this quote is from) and it's AWESOME!

    I honestly don't get why so many Sherlockians hate Elementary so much. It is an exemplary and outstanding TV show and a worthy adaptation of Sherlock. The whole point of fandoms is open-mindedness and acceptance. If we can accept crossovers, cameos, AU's, fanfic, fan art, canon and more, we can accept an American-based Sherlock with a female Watson and a young, transgender Mrs. Hudson. We have enough people hating us on the outside, we don't need it on the inside. It's not like we're Beliebers.

    I know every scene, every word, every movement, use refs in everyday life. I am becoming embarrasingly SHERlocked and BORED! Only four months until the end of 2013 and then a few more weeks. We are the fandom that waits for Sherlock!

    He could totally play the next Bond after Craig. The name's Cumberbatch, Benedict Cumberbatch.

    Sherlock talking to The Woman about love. He claims love is a disadvantage, but what about John? Flow is the ability to dive into the activities that we like and enjoy.

    Adopted !! Kakkoi playing the violin . When you think of music you think of him . He loves music

    Sherlock meets Howl's Moving Castle. Two favorites! :)

    Marvelous Sherlock fanart. THE GAME, MY DEAR WATSON, IS AFOOT!

    Anime girl illustration art

    I don't know what it is about anime and violins...-- Violins are sexy you don't even know