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      1757-1758 French Sèvres chamber pot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - Looking at the elongated oval shape of this piece, I think it was specifically a bourdaloue: a chamber pot designed to allow women to use them without disrobing or attempting to squat while in large and cumbersome dresses. These would be discreetly slipped underneath the skirt and held between the thighs when in use; if executed with grace, a woman could use one standing up.

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    Mrs. John Puget (Catherine Hawkins) Attributed to Richard Gainsborough Dupont  (British, Sudbury 1789–1874 Sudbury)

    Thomas Jefferson (United States of America President) A Founding Father and author of the U. S. Declaration of Independence. During his presidency he commissioned Lewis and Clarks expedition and was key facilitator in the Louisiana Purchase. He and James Madison developed the two party system of Democrat/Republican Party.

    Coach that belonged to Louis Joseph the eldest son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

    The green velvet bedroom at Osterley House .1761

    The Marquise de Becdelièvre by Alexander Roslin, 1780

    Circa 1775 Robe A L' Anglaise With Quilted Silk Petticoat & Philadelphia Provenance

    Robe a la polonaise, 1770-80, Meg Andrews


    Martha Washington, America's first First Lady

    The gorgeous wedding dress of Beata Maria Munsterhjelm dates back to 1773.

    Hampton Court Royal Bedchamber - Queen Charlotte's fabulous bed - 4 feather mattresses too!

    TWO 18TH c. SILK EMBROIDERED POCKET BOOKS A pair of beautifully worked silk embroidered pocket books that were both made by the same young girl. They date to the mid 1700's.

    The lady will take two, please!  (Great riding habit, too!) fuckyeah18thcentury: girlwithabird42: Reynolds, Douglas, 8th Duke Hamilton, and Elizabeth, Duchess of Hamilton The original does not survive, which sucks, because holy crap, this looks stunning.  It might start to rival my love for Gainsborough’s The Morning Walk.

    Marie Antoinette's Bedroom at Versailles

    The Moretta or Servetta Muta (trans: dumb maid-servant) is a black velvet, oval shaped mask that was worn by Venetian ladies. Covering all but the outer edge of the face, the Moretta was secured to the wearer by way of a small bit that was held in place by the teeth. By the 18th centaury the use of the Bauta and Moretta masks to conceal the identity of ladies and gentlemen in the gambling houses (Il Ridotti) of Venice had become commonplace.

    Link to an interesting article on a typical day in the life of a colonial farmer's wife. (Winter 2008 issue of Out Here Magazine. "The Colonial Farmer's Wife".)

    Redingote, 1785-95 From the Musee Galliera

    Elfreth's Alley, Philadelphia ~ America's oldest residential street dating to the 1700s

    Seascape sedan chair - 1725-1740. Versailles Arras. This chair, known as the “Seascape” chair, which has just been admirably restored, is a wonderful specimen of the forgotten art of carriage production under the Ancien Regime. Dating from the start of the reign of Louis XV, it is completely covered in ships in the style of Adrien Manglard, depicted within a virtuoso frame of trompe-l'oeil gilded paintwork, showing the interlacing letters 'C' and 'L'.

    Confluence of Stripes

    Robe and petticoat 1760-1770

    Giardinetto necklace.About 1760.Necklace of gold and silver consists of flower heads with Graduation twelve, in the center of each flower petals of ruby ​​that borders it ruby ​​surrounded by diamonds with arranged was paired are arranged alternately on each side of the stem and Diamond Flower of a tulip shape ruby ​​and emerald.

    Robe and petticoat Place of origin: England, Great Britain (made) Spitalfields, England (woven) Date: 1765-1770 (made) 1735-1739 (woven) Materials and Techniques: [Stomacher] Brocaded silk, silk thread, silk fringe, hand-woven, hand-braided and hand-sewn [Petticoat] Plain and brocaded silk, silk thread, silk fringe, hand-woven, hand braided and hand-sewn

    Child's Ceremonial Costume of Grand Prince Alexander Pavlovich St Petersburg Russia. 1784 Satin woven with metal thread, gold and silk thread; embroidered. L. of caftan 79 cm Source of Entry:   State Museum of Ethnography of the Peoples of the USSR, Leningrad (before 1917 in the Winter Palace). 1941

    Circle of Adelaide Labille-Guiard (1749 - 1803) - Portrait of a lady, circa 1780