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    Jehovah's creations- the artwork is amazing!



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    Jehovah is Truly AMAZING.

    Lions, tigers, and cheetahs (etc) in paradise

    Days of Creation GENESIS 1: 1-2 = Day 1: light; day and night (3-5 Day 2: (9-13) Day 4: heavenly luminaries (14-19) Day 5: fish and birds (20-23) Day 6: land animals and humans (24-31) Six days of preparing the earth (3-31) Creation of heavens and earth (1,2) God rests on the seventh day (2: 1-3) Jehovah God, Maker of heaven and earth. Man and woman in the garden of Eden (5-25) ... "Quoted from the Holy Scriptures"; Jehovah God's word to his Earthly Children

    God’s name, Jehovah, in different languages!

    That is amazing

    Isaiah 65:25

    Jehovah God, the Creator .

    They belong to you Jehovah.

    Thank you, Jehovah......!

    Thank you Jehovah!

    May Jehovah be the hand to guide you!. i love jehovah

    Jehovah God is the author. He wants all to learn about him.

    Jehovah can use anyone to witness! LOL

    David and Goliath...What it really looked's only by Jehovah's spirit that any of us can overcome insurmountable challenges....eb

    Jehovah has provided all the answers in His word the Bible. to find where to look for specific questions...oh oh how soooo true!!

    Thank you Jehovah ♥