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Kate (The Sisterhood of St. Gabriel) by Tammy Domingue,

The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories by Charlotte Perkins Gilman,

My favorite readily available anthology of ghost stories. This includes mostly stuff from between 1920 and 1950 and recycles a lot of material from Cynthia Asquith's Ghost Book anthologies. My absolute favorite ghost story is "Harry" by Rosemary Timperley, but all of the stories leave definitely impressions. This collection includes more modern masters than other collections, including Robert Aickman, A.M. Burrage, and L.P. Hartley.

18 Horror Novels Every True Fan Should Read Before Watching The Movie Version

Great Story. Just understand the first chapter is the end of the story, but the beginning of the book. The book is retold from the main characters point of view and comes back around to those first pages.