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Conflicts and war across the region, says one analyst, 'have been an economic boon to those who wipe away crocodile tears with one hand and sign weapons contracts with the other.'

During nuclear weapons testing in the early Fifties, one of the challenges facing the U.S. government was to design a camera capable of capturing a nuclear device mid-explosion. Description from I searched for this on

Mass Protests Grow Against French-backed Regime in the Central African Republic Occupations by foreign forces has failed to stabilize troubled state By Abayomi Azikiwe Global Research, June 09, 2014 Pan-African News Wire Region: sub-Saharan Africa Theme: US NATO War Agenda

The Tony Blair 'selfie' Photo Op will have a place in history

Photo Op by kennardphillipps at Catalyst: Contemporary Art and War exhibition at IWM North Photograph: kennardphillipps/Reuters