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DIY Idea | Traveling Work Bench (Pinned so that I have a collapsible work bench for the garage.)

When I designed the desk, I built it at a good hight for a work bench (not necessarily a jewelers bench). After a while of hunching and a couple of sore days, it was time to do something about it! First I figured I was going to have to extend the legs- Then I came up with this. It works better anyway, as I like the hight of the table top. I'm very happy with it so far, it could also serve as a quick bench for any table!

Saw Bench - by cdkoch @ ~ woodworking community

Sjöbergs' Traditional Workbenches and Portable Smart Vise - Core77

Então ... Eu construí este banco - por mailto:lysdexic@L... ~ comunidade madeira

Another view of a great jewelers bench. The potted plants need to go.

homemade bench top spindle sander - by StudioFormaat @ ~ woodworking community

Benchtop Thickness Sander: i've been thinking of making one for a while. This one is CRAZY basic, but shows what corners can be cut and still work

#workbench. Love this! What a view!!! I think the chip catcher in the front of the workbench would also be a great idea for sewing. Maybe I wouldn't walk around with threads all over me :-)