Books worth reading

My favorite read


Les Miserables

The Count of Monte Cristo (a personal favorite)

everything by Louisa May Alcott

It's a must read!

"The" book worth reading.

Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Harry Potter!

Better than all the vampire stuff.

Little Women

Haha I do this all the time and it drives my family insane!

The "Rory Gilmore" Reading Challenge! It's the list of 250 books that she mentions throughout the entire series

These books are worth reading more than once!

Les Miserables

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Les Miserables

The Shack books-worth-reading (this book has a wonderful meaning of who GOD is everyone has got to read it) you will think why in the world am I reading this book but just keep on reading you will see why in the end.