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"... No debemos avergonzarnos nunca de nuestras lagrimas, pues son lluvia que cae sobre el polvo cegador de la tierra que endurece nuestros corazones" ~Grandes Esperanzas Charles Dickens

"Algures, por aqui, um Anjo entretém-se - depois do dever cumprido –, atirando fragmentos de pó das estrelas para a imensidão azul, lá em baixo, e diverte-se, vendo os círculos concêntricos que formam na água - perfeitos e crescentes ecos de Felicidade" conto.te 2014

Beautiful photography: boat reflection, water, nature

By munir This photo was taken on July 3, 2005 in Digby, Nova Scotia, CA, using a Canon PowerShot A400.

gone fishing, boat water sun, you know there are fish in there This photo has inspired me to doing something like this in my work, i like the sun just glaring out of the sky into the camera, i like the boat just being on its own with the sea far in the background, the colors in this photo looks very bright that is what i like about it because i want my work to be bright so people notice my work most.