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New Brand Launch: Ashley Lynn Fry Photography & Creative Styling - Salted Ink Design Co.

Christina Dooley Photography Logo and Brand Design - Saffron Avenue : Saffron Avenue

Christina Dooley Photography Logo and Brand Design

Accent Scrapbooking: Défi aout

Orlando wedding and event planner brand design by Salted Ink. Wedding planner brand design styling and color palette establishment. Branding and print design.

Forest Desire Palette - Oh So Tropical Could use this palette for the blog! OldRose ~

Forest Desire Palette - Blush sheets, the lighter gray for the bedding Lots of plant life in the various greens.

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l think this is close to the colors I like

Alyssa is a certified Holisitic Health Coach, trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is the largest Nutrition school in the world. Brand and website by Lauren Ledbetter.

Color combo that was inspired by winter and nature. Color combination, color pallets, color palettes, color scheme, color inspiration. Color of winter. Winters color.

Цветовая палитра №1141

Colors of a true winter storm. This palette is suitable for both clothes of a fashionable woman and apartment redecoration. This palette of calm cold shade.

Turquoise, emerald, menthol, gray-blue shades, diluted whitish-yellow color in the palette look sublime and spiritually. In coldish shades clearly felt the acuteness and freshness inherent sharp mind and clarity of perception of the world. The presence of creamy vanilla notes brings cordiality and warmth.  By using this palette can be used in different variations interior design projects kitchen cabinets educational institutions and libraries.

Цветовая палитра №1608