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"To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance." -Aubrey Lynch

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The cracking sounds at dance class... #truth #dancerprobs

The cracking sounds at dance class. Story of my life, an OLD dancers life.

what's inside always trumps what's outside. always....

“People have asked me why I chose to be a dancer. I did not choose. I was chosen to be a dancer, and with that, you live all your life.

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5 Things Adult Ballet Students Should Know About Summer Workshops

Pretty much the same with irish dance.... Kids at school think I am a leprechan, everybody around thinks its like dance moms,I am always thinking I am going to do better than I actaully do, My teachers are always say that they think that I am always practicing one thing, my parents think I always have an Injury, BUT I AM ALWAYS HAVING FUN WITH MY FRIENDS

5 Tips For a Better Warmup


How To Break In Pointe Shoes

Who said dance isn't a sport? I hate it when people say that football is the hardest sport like come on look at this. Dance is way more painful than football.

My little girl will be a dancer. Until she says otherwise.

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"Dancing faces you towards Heaven, whichever direction you turn." - Sweetpea Tyler<<I like that