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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Crystal Rosales & I am an Avon Independent Sales Representative from Sunny & Beautiful Arizona! I have been with Avon for over 4 years and am in love with my business. My Customers & my Team are my biggest loves

Mountain Sanctuary. Unisex Cotton Touch-screen Anti-skid Trendy Cycling Sporting Gloves, RED. Ships from Hong Kong. This pair of sport gloves is beautiful and high-quality. It's made of high-class material, with light weight, good elasticity, fricti

Birthdays come but once a year for everyone. However, the problem lies in that we know so many different people and want to acknowledge them all. Below, we have

The Japanese White-Eye also known as the Mejiro. This species exhibits the distinctive white eye ring that gives it its name (mejiro also meaning “white eye” in Japanese). It is omnivorous, feeding primarily on insects and nectar

Hey :) I love all things country and warm and cozy. I try to stay positive. Sometimes I fall, but I always get up again. I love being by any kind of body of water. I love reading and songs that say what words cant. I love my family with all my heart. ...

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Good morning Beautiful!!! Hope you slept well!!!! I am just waking up, thought I slept ok but feel like a freight train ran me over lol. Hope you're having a wonderful morning!!! Talk soon and LAB!!!!!

Animals pay a dear price simply for being born into a world where 'humans' see them as property. These beings are not resources they are living, breathing, hurting members of our global family. We are...

I hope everyday and every night is wonderful. Mine used to be when you were still here. I miss you, I'm always going to miss you. Maybe it's not really you that I miss, maybe it's the huge gaping hole in my heart that I miss. Can I have it back now?

They say you can tell a good day from the start, so a good morning can bring a great day. Sleep is, in fact, necessary, but it might take us time to adjust