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    Time to end the school to prison pipeline. This toolkit can help. Join us. #restorativepractices #tolerance #alternatives #peace

    Restorative Approaches for Schools - Transforming Conflict

    Educators, how can you help end the school-to-prison pipeline? Start with your classroom! #restorativepractice

    School to Prison pipeline

    Prison is for rehabilitation , serving time does not work alone. Criminal therapist give them the help they need.

    20 time year long project for middle and/or high school English. Students work 20% of the time developing their own projects!

    8 Great School Cheat Sheets - the kind you won't get in trouble for using! Great way to help when kids get home and need to do homework.

    Help your students learn a word a week with these 40 new word posters (that's more than enough for the entire school year!)

    School Counselors Time Log. Using the ASCA National Model, keep up with what categories you spend your time doing. Automatic calculations and report features make this a great little a time study and accountability tool! $7.99

    Help your parents engage in a thoughtful conversation with their child by providing them with this list of open-ended questions to start the conversation flowing. {FREEBIE}

    These five responsive shifts in teacher thinking apply even as a student’s behavior escalates—and they can be the key to rerouting the school-to-prison pipeline.

    FREE Get-to-Know-You Jenga - Great for scout groups, summer camps and back to school!

    Advancement Project: School to Prison Pipeline Infographic.

    Coping Bank---Healthy Alternatives for times of stress, emotional hardships, etc.

    Very interesting

    Getting to Know You Jar- A Back to School Activity.

    Editable classroom specifically for middle/high school teachers! $

    Elementary students usually don't have cell phones, but I would use this for other gadgets and toys they bring to school!

    Not homework Homework - great idea!

    community building activities