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Educators, how can you help end the school-to-prison pipeline? Start with your classroom! #restorativepractice

Feelings mandala. This is a simple intervention to evaluate frequency and intensity of emotions. You’ll be amazed the things you will learn about the child as they start to color! This can be very helpful to start conversations

Rethinking our school system. Personal accounts, by those affected in the school to prison pipeline #Educateourteachers #Educateoursociety

New federal guidance should help slow the flow in “school-to-prison pipeline”, but much work remains

Depth and Complexity literature circles. Everything you need to start deep and meaningful discussion in your classroom!

The Positive Classroom: Helping Children with Challenging Behavior

Reading Quick Writes For The Elementary Classroom - A great resource to use to help students build their reading comprehension skills! #read

FREE Classroom Procedure Checklist for the Start of the Year

Bookmarks: language for classroom collaboration. Use these to help your students communicate with groups, patterns, or whole class discussion. 21st century skills.

Weather themed activities that work in your classroom! Our first unit is earth science, and the weather part is always so hard. Maybe these will help.

Primary Reading: Sorting Syllables Cut and Paste Activity Book - Great for helping to teach students how to decode words. #literacy #reading #tpt

This 17 page set features posters explaining action, linking and helping verbs, examples, 2 songs, and 3 QR Code Cubes with 6 writing prompts each. Standards covered are from 2nd through 6th grade. Posters include Verbs, Action Verbs, Linking Verbs, Helping Verbs, & Differences Between Linking & Helping Verbs. Included is a combination of narrative, opinion, and poetry.

How can I help a student with autism build social skills? #weareteachers

Classroom Noise Level Meter: Help your students understand what the best noise levels are for the classroom. Great tracking meter. ($)

Classroom Strategies for Helping At-Risk Students #ece #education

Need an idea to end the day? The End of the Day Jar has 24 questions to ask students to get them talking about their school day. This helps build community in the classroom. You can call on students to answer the questions or have them talk with a buddy.

Great Verbs to help explain Blooms..... and create activities for higher level thinking skills in the classroom.

I've always thought the only rule needed for class is "Respect" and this might help explain what that means to students.

Technology in the classroom

Not to mention that starting salary is over $10,000 less than that average number

Getting Ready for the Start of School, Part II: Why Some Teachers Have Smooth-Running Classrooms by Muriel Rand