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Applicants who are currently inside the U.S. and have an approved Immigrant Petition may be eligible to file an Application for Adjustment of Status to Permanent Resident. The benefit of completing Form I-485 application online is it reduces the risk of your adjustment of status application being rejected. Once you submit your accurately completed form I-485 application you will need to send the supporting documents and applicable fees to the designated USCIS address.

In order to get a travel document one has to file Form I-131. This form is used for applying to the USCIS for a reentry permit, refugee travel document and advance parole, if you have applications pending. You must be physically present when you are applying for the above travel documents. Advance parole is used sparingly, that is when a non-immigrant is brought inside the U.S due to an emergency. This is not a document to bypass the normal delays in the issuance of a visa.

How to get green card from outside US? Two primary paths are offered by Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for an individual to get permanent resident status popularly called “green card”. By a process in which an eligible alien already in US and without having to go back to home country can apply and complete the process for permanent resident status and this process is called adjustment of status…