When i first saw this blooper, i almost peed my pants. I cant even describe how funny it is. Season 4 bloopers are almost the best ones

I read a book... Yay!!!

Poor Merlin. He's hilarious.

Merlin Bloopers... love how it's the older actors that get the giggles... that and Gwaine can't run in the snow... Merlin <3

The sticky paper blooper. Love it.


This was hilarious...

My favorite episode, quite honestly. And I'm pretty sure it was Collin Morgan's too. :)

Gwaine & Arthur

merlin I discovered Merlin in Season 3. I watched it faithfully till the end. I had wanted to go back and catch up on the episodes I hadn't seen, but when Arthur died I found I could not. The relationship between Arthur and Merlin was not to be forever.

Love and rage in equal measure, because Merlin is just awesome like that. Um...that quote is from Frankenstein (1994.) That scares me a little.

This episode was freaking hilarious...

Merlin: a summary

His face

Merlin- just finished watching all the episodes and now... well... I'm a mess.. a crying, shaking, blubbering mess

The blue eyes... :D



Love Merlin and Arthur

Haha exactly