When i first saw this blooper, i almost peed my pants. I cant even describe how funny it is. Season 4 bloopers are almost the best ones

Poor Merlin. He's hilarious.

I read a book... Yay!!!

TV Quotes: Merlin - Quote - Spring Cleaning. Hahaha! XD

Simpleton Arthur ...

Merlin Bloopers... love how it's the older actors that get the giggles... that and Gwaine can't run in the snow... Merlin <3

I love how hilarious all Merlin's little one liners are. The writers really are quite good, and his delivery? Priceless?!

Hahaha, Gaius. #Merlin #BBC #Gaius #humor


My favorite episode, quite honestly. And I'm pretty sure it was Collin Morgan's too. :)

"I don't know why I found this so funny." What even....... Fandom, what are you doing

This was hilarious...

The blue eyes... :D

In a land of myth, and a time of magic...the destiny of a great Kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name? Merlin.

simpleton arthur.

The 20 Craziest Fandoms On Tumblr. The merlin pic makes me want to cry and these are all pretty accurate!

checking the royal facebook.

i'm crying. i love this show way to much.

Colin & Bradley