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    When i first saw this blooper, i almost peed my pants. I cant even describe how funny it is. Season 4 bloopers are almost the best ones

    This was hilarious...

    His face...

    Their faces!!

    His face. x(

    Poor Merlin. He's hilarious.

    The Best Colin Morgan Merlin Blooper - Ever!

    Are the dolma? Ancient sorcerous of the Calderon of.... (Colin): aldian rock? Yes I am! Hahaha love the bloopers!

    Merlin Bloopers... love how it's the older actors that get the giggles... that and Gwaine can't run in the snow... Merlin ♥

    "you do that" Supernatural - Season 4, Episode 6: Yellow Fever

    Dr who bloopers and funny scenes 10th and 11th Doctor

    Another way to describe us perfectly..."Two sides of the same coin." - Merlin BBC

    why is this so funny?

    *Tour guide voice* "And over here we see the sherlock fandom awaiting the arrival of a fictional thing called “Season 4”."

    Merlin's "keep talking, moron..." face.

    Too funny!

    Colin and Bradley making the same face..... Stop

    Have you noticed that in every show there are at least 4 main characters that represent each house? I dare you to try and pick them out every time you watch a movie or watch a show. Comment who goes with each house and what film the're from below.

    Supernatural season summaries

    all five series. it's sad how in each progressive one his face gets older and harder.