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Merlin. I really just made that sound effects for each face... "Ooo, eesh, mmm..." XD

...I ship Merthur SO HARD. AND BROLIN. either way, they're perfect. FRERARD AND MERTHUR/BROLIN ARE MY OTP's.

Merlin and Arthur: I'll decide........ *crying* *dying*

love the taunting and teasing that goes on between these two! This is totally what my friends say 2 me!!!

So yeah. I watched the first few episodes of Merlin. I'm kinda scared as to what I'm getting myself into. Plus this is one of those moments where I realize that there has probably been a lot of Merlin-y things on this board already and this will actually be the last Merlin thing you guys see from me. Ah, well.

Bloopers season 2 and 3

When I'm having a bad day, watching an episode of Merlin usually does the trick.

Adore Colin's facial transformation!

love how Arthur hates the servant that does everything right and actually treats him like a prince xD

Are the dolma? Ancient sorcerous of the Calderon of.... (Colin): aldian rock? Yes I am! Hahaha love the bloopers!

Dr who bloopers and funny scenes 10th and 11th Doctor