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Libra, any takers?

So now I just need to find either. an Aries, Gemini, Virgo or a Libra.

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Why not baby its a workout and I can be your personal trainer.

Cancer Zodiac Facts

Cancer Zodiac Facts-So true! I dont actually believe in all the zodiac mumbo jumbo but this is so me its not even funny

How true is this for you?  #zodiac

Zodiac Hidden Desires Aries: To lead others and live life to its fullest. Taurus: To have a secure, happy and wealthy life and marriage. Gemini: To lead a life of variety that underscores their cutting edge personality. Cancer: To feel safe.

REPOST - Zodiac signs that are always strong when they need to be.

Zodiac City Signs with a hidden strength when provoked: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Pisces. I am a Pisces

Exactly, we don't play

I had a boyfriend once that did that and I just never replaced him, period. I had a boyfriend once that didn't call for a while to "give me something to think about". I replaced him in a snap!

Lol.....I do this all the time. I see str8 through the bs. Very amusing at the lengths some people go to lie, cheat or steal.........

don't try to manipulate or lie to a virgo because they'll see through it very easily. some might even let you carry on for the amusement of it all. THIS SURE IS TRUE!

Duh huh. I don't care actually....... Virgo maaaan virgo

Love me or Hate Me. This just proves that Scorpio should be a fire sign

BOOM! mind blown.

We were given 2 hands to hold 2 legs to walk 2 eyes to see 2 ears to listen but why only one heart? because the other was given to someone else for us to find

Guard your heart at all costs. Something my mama taught me very well.

That's very true! Gemini on target. DAAAAAMMMNNNN Wish I could hand this out on every date lol

Virgo- every word is 100% true!

What is your sign? Are you the cute Taurus one? Or the irresistible liar? I am a Sagittarius.and even though I am not very patient I am extremely loyal, caring, loud and love to think that i am the one and only.<<That was last pinner, I'm Scorpio.