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Black Panther drinking water from a watering hole…in a zoo enclosure. From Pin Board


Clouded Leopard~seldom seen in the wild. The clouded leopard is a cat found from the Himalayan foothills through mainland Southeast Asia into China, and has been classified as Vulnerable in 2008 by IUCN

Lionnes <3 <3 <3

If only humans could work out that colour, race or religion don't mater were all one species.

Catarina, a jaguar, drinks water at the NEX sanctuary for endangered Brazilian felines in Corumba, Brazil on August 30. NEX which stands for, no extinction, is a non-governmental organization that defends and preserves the wild cats at their conservation refuge. The refuge currently houses some 26 big cats, including pumas, ocelots and jaguarundi.

Jaguar enjoys a long drink of water - Brazil - Photo by Eraldo Peres