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The 6 Most Terrifying Pets Humanity Has Bred Into Existence

Parrot Cichlids make for a GREAT fresh water tank. Very social and interactive fish. Most cichlids are aggressive but parrot fishes are nicely social.


Wouldn't this be an awesome Tattoo? Aurelia aurita (also called the moon jelly, moon jellyfish, common jellyfish, or saucer jelly) is a widely studied species of the genus Aurelia

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~Goldfish are the classic pet. This is not surprising because goldfish are easy, and simple, yet have a beauty to them as well. Though not actually valuable, their name suggests a pet that has been cherished by many a family.

Hawaii ocean!!

Dreaming of summer ! Cancun underwater, a glimpse of the island beach peek under the ocean at the tropical fish.

Underwater Photographer Stan Bysshe's Gallery: Contest: Lettuce Sea  Slug

Lettuce Sea Slug from Underwater Photographer Stan Bysshe. Wouldn't this make a fabulous ruffled knit or crochet scarf?

Anthias--Cool fishy he is neon!

"Dancing Pose" - what an amazing shade of blue! This royal blue is my absolute favorite color. Can you imagine going through life being this color?

Under the Ocean- 10 Amazing Pictures, Masked Butterfly fish.

The Masked Butterflyfish is found in the Red Sea and in the Gulf of Aden. Masked Butterflyfish feed on coral polyps, tentacles of featherdusters, and Christmas-tree worms.

Under the Sea

Synchiropus splendidus Love this fish, they do well in a Salt Water Setup! I thought it was fresh or salt or at best briney.