Im collecting hexie flowers to make this one day!

This currently measures about 53 inches by 61 inches. I& spent a heap of time on it over the last month or two, so it has grown considerably, and I feel that making it into a queen size is totally do-able!

Twisted Hexagons by Buttontree Lane, via Flickr

Twisted Hexagons by Buttontree Lane. I'm trying to decide if I like the finish quilting. I think it obscures the piecing design. I really want to make one of these twisted hexagon quilts, though.

So pretty! I really like this non-tradition setting!

Quilt it: on the other side. I like the white spaces and the groups of 7 flowers.

Cabbage Quilts: Liberty Hexagon Mandala

What a cool idea! I love all the different sized Hexies used together in 1 quilt! Cabbage Quilts: Liberty Hexagon Mandala Could use as a block