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The Kebo Bottle Opener ($25). Based on the Theodore Low bottle opener from the '30s, it's cast from stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish, and allows you to open bottles with a simple squeeze of your hand — which is good, if the bottle you're opening isn't your first. Or fifth.

Corks? Corkscrews? Decanters? So last millennium. Stacked Wines ($15) does away with all of those — and the traditional wine glass — by packaging 750ml of fruity, sunshine-ready wine in four individual stemless glasses, allowing the package to mimic a traditional bottle of wine — and take up a similar amount of space — while removing the need for any tools, accessories, or extra glassware.

No more picking up bottle caps. This clever opener has a Beer Bottle Cap Catcher.- Dad

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Pi Bottle Opener - Stainless Steel

Pi Bottle Opener Bring a piece of art to your bartop or countertop. A simple design based off an irrational number. For the math lover, scientist, engineer, or anyone who appreciates a perfect circle and an open beer.

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